Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Woo hoo!  Summer is here!  I can't even begin to express how excited I am for the lazy days of not having to be anywhere particular, on time, dressed, with our hair brushed and the appropriate show and tell in our backpacks and SHOES ON OUR FEET.  Because, when you have to get 4 kids out the door for preschool everyday, sometimes you just might forget shoes.  :)  In a few short months I will become a mom of real elementary school children, and the next 23 years or so of my life are going to be all about school.  Kind of like the first 28, only I am the mom and not the student or the teacher!!  I am soaking up this sweet summer with my precious little guys and I just want it to last forever.

Enter Project Life.  Being intentional is a goal of mine for the year, and I wouldn't say that I excel at it, I just am trying to find ways to be more purposeful about the way I spend my time (Sometimes. . .not all the time. . .because who can maintain that kind of mental focus!!  Certainly not me!!)  Plus, fun and exciting things happen when you are intentional, and other fun and exciting things happen when you just drift through life as well!  This summer we will have a balance of both and the boys helped to plan our summer "Bucket List" thanks to some inspiration I saw on Becky Higgin's Blog.  First of all, I just plain love Project Life.  I am about 6 months behind on my memory keeping and I am not even the least bit worried about it because I know it will be so easy peasy to catch up!!  So, when I saw the bucket list idea on her blog, I knew I had to combine the two.  The boys and I sat down and they gave me their ideas, which I recorded for them on the grid cards.  Then, each boy took turns decorating their activities with their sweet little artwork. I am going to tape the cards to the wall in my dining room (because now that I am a grownup, yeah, I still tape stuff to the walls. 'cuz I'm still cool like that, and noone can tell me no.)  As we go through the summer, we'll have fun talking about, planning and doing our activities, and at the end of the summer we can include all of the cards in our PL album!!

The kids get excited about pretty much EVERYTHING, so we have activities big and small, from our summer vacation to a campout in the backyard to simply playing hide and seek.  Summer, I am so excited to spend you with my boys!

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