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My favorite blogs and bloggers. . .

Glennon @

Glennon regularly makes me laugh, cry, wonder, hope and want to sing.  I just love her.  Love her blog.  Love her book.  Love her community.  Proud to be a monkee!!

Holley Gerth

Holley is simply incredible, she brings encouragement to women's hearts around the world.  She calls herself a "word mama" after a long journey of infertility, and it is beautiful to see how God took her pain and hardship and brought her to such a beautiful place.

Tiffany @ The Nest Effect

I love Tiffany's blog.  She is honest and real, and has great ideas.  I have gleaned a lot of inspiration from her and she definitely put me on the path to home management organization with her binder post over a year ago!

Jen @ iheartorganizing

Wow. Wow. Wow.  I can't say enough good things about this blog- I could talk all day.  Jen is so talented and organized and crafty.  I will never be like her, she is just way too on top of things, but I love to visit her blog and simply be inspired!  She is also a mommy of boys, which is fun, and has a great etsy shop where she will design printables for you.  I ordered from her and love mine!

Tim Madigan

Tim is a gifted writer.  He brings grace to every story he tells.  Check out his books on Amazon as well.

Kelly @ The Food Allergy Mama

Kelly brought me so much hope when Phil was first diagnosed with allergies.  Her recipes never fail me.  I love her blog and the community she has built.

Lisa Jo Baker

This mama has a serious way with words. I can always count on beauty and encouragement when I visit her blog.

The Orange Rhino

The Orange Rhino is also a mom of four boys, very similar in age to my own.  I love that she made herself a challenge of not yelling and followed through.  She is an inspiration to parents everywhere, and a great writer as well!

Rachel @Thehandsfreemama

Another great writer, inspiring us to put down our devices and connect with our kids.  I love her words.