Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Story

Ohhhhkkaaaayyy- better late than never!!  We were on vacation, but if you make a promise to yourself you had BETTER keep it, so now I am back and ready to do my 5 minutes on Lisa Jo's prompt this week- STORY.  And can I just say how much I love Five Minute Friday?  I just love reading everyone's takes on the same work and so many times thinking, "me, too!  me, too!!"  And that sort of brings me to what I was thinking today!


I don't remember much at all about when Philip and Daniel were babies.  Less than 13 months apart, I call my sweet little D money (who just turned 5, by the way!) the best surprise of my whole life.  But as sweet and easy of a baby as he was. . .well, I did have two babies.  So I don't remember much at all.  But one day, I do remember.  SOOOO clearly.  Daniel was about 2 or 3 months old, and this might have even been before Phil was diagnosed with his life threatening food allergies so we were dealing with a lot of vomiting on top of oh, you know, probably molars coming in and other toddler stuff.  And on top of it, Daniel was so super fussy this day.  SO super fussy.  Later that afternoon, after his eardrum burst, I figured it all out. . .but early in this afternoon ear infection wasn't on the radar and I was just wondering what had happened to my sweet baby.  In fact, I might have just been wondering what had happened to my LIFE.  I finally coaxed Phil into a nap at about 2 and bounced Daniel to sleep in the Moby wrap at the same time and had a few minutes to myself.  I was thinking about maybe eating some chocolate, or just crying for a while, but then for some reason I sat down at the computer.  And I googled. . ."Babies really close in age" or something brilliant like that.


In that moment, a whole world opened to me.  First of all, I discovered that having two under two has a name apparently, it is called "Baby Bunching" and some people actually plan that.  Who knew?  ;) I also discovered in the fact that it had a name, that I was sooooooo not alone.  And not only that, wonder of wonders, I discovered blogs.  I had honestly never read any blogs before besides the ones my friends kept to post pics of their kids before we all started using facebook, and oh. my. goodness.  My eyes were opened.  I started reading these ladies' stories, pouring their hearts out, walking the same walk that I was and thinking, "Yes, yes, oh my goodness, yes!!  I laughed out loud at their stories in the midst of my exhaustion and despair.  I was alone in my basement with nothing but babies and a cat and a huge mess of laundry and toys, but all of the sudden, I was NOT alone.  Their stories reached right through my screen and brought me home to myself.  Everything was going to be OK.

I was not, in fact, alone.

This is what we do when we share our stories. . .we break our lives open to one another, and bring each other in, and it is SO, SO good.  So, blog ladies everywhere, THANK YOU!!  Whether you get picked to be on the parenting page of Huffington Post, or only your mom reads your blog, or somewhere in between. . .your stories are awesome, and you matter.  And someday, somewhere, some desperate young mama in her basement is going to stumble across your honest, open heart and you are going to bring the body of Christ to her right there.  Write on, sisters!!

Write on.